Breakfast Bars

Breakfast Bars
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Breakfast bars made with oats, coconut oil and almond butter are slow digesting foods and will provide long lasting energy throughout the morning.



These breakfast bars are an ideal option for anyone who is in a rush in the morning and doesn’t have time to sit and have their homemade muesli or porridge. They can also be used as an on the go snack or recovery snack option from exercise.



– 4 Tbsp. honey
– 240 g almond butter
– 50 g coconut oil
– 120 g oats
– 65 g flaked almonds
– 75 g raisins & dried cranberries
– 2 Tbsp. flaxseeds
– 2 Tbsp. pumpkin seeds
– ¼ tsp. cinnamon
– ¼ tsp. salt


1. Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl.
2. Mix the honey, almond butter and coconut oil in a separate bowl.
3. Add this wet mixture to the dry ingredients, and mix well.
4. Spread the breakfast bar batter onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.
5. In an oven pre-heated to 200°C, bake for 20 minutes.
6. Remove from oven and allow to cool fully before cutting into 10 bars.

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Breakfast Bars