Performance Nutrition Seminar for Team Sport Athletes

Performance Nutrition Seminar for Team Sport Athletes


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Performance Nutrition for Team Sport Athletes


After natural talent and appropriate training, nutrition is the next most important factor influencing training and performance.

For the team sport athlete, there are many aspects to nutrition that go beyond general nutrition advice when your goals vary from speeding up recovery on one day or optimising performance on another. You don’t train in the same way every day and week, so nor should you eat the same way every day.

The science of performance nutrition is moving forward at a rapid pace, so gone are the days when the only nutrition advice that you would hear would be to eat pasta and chicken as your pre-match meal.

What will be covered in the seminar?

This one-day seminar is aimed at team sport athletes who are interested in enhancing their understanding of nutrition to support their on- and off-field performance. Our approach is based on the translating the latest science into practical advice and strategies to achieve your targets and based around real food.

Beginning with healthy eating principles as a foundation, you will learn the essential strategies for preparation for, fuelling during and recovery from training and matches in order to maximise gains from training (including increasing muscle mass or dropping body fat) and optimise performance in matches. Aside from this nutrition knowledge, you will also be introduced to key skills to achieve these strategies for fuelling of your body.

Unlike general sports nutrition seminars, this seminar will focus on the key elements for performance in team sports and the challenges faced by being an athlete in a team sport.

Moreover, this seminar will be delivered by experts in the field of performance nutrition and research, specifically in the area of team sports, and who themselves have performed at a high level in team sport.

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Who should attend?

Male and female players from team sports such as Gaelic football, hurling/camogie, rugby, soccer, hockey, basketball and so on, ranging from elite to not-so-elite.

Previous knowledge of nutrition is not essential.

Places are limited to 100, so book early.

What will you learn?

The broad themes of the seminar will be:

– Key concepts in performance nutrition

– Healthy eating principles and habits

– Making the right food choice for your goal

– Supporting training goals and recovery

– Fuelling performance in team sports

– The role of supplements in team sports

During this seminar, you will be introduced to the following skills:

– Track, self-assess and adjust your daily food habits depending on your training or performance goal based on your own pre-recorded food diary

– Build a weekly eating plan specific to demands of training, recovery and performance using available internet resources and apps

– Design an optimal fuelling plan that is specific to you and supports your on-field performance

How will you learn?

The seminar will be delivered in three core modules over the course of the day. Each module will comprise of lecture content interspersed with active learning tasks that will keep you engaged throughout and develop the key skills that you can take away and practice in the future.

The content will be delivered by FoodFlicker co-founders Brendan Egan and Daniel Davey. Brendan is a Lecturer in Exercise Metabolism and presents nutrition science from the coalface of research, while Daniel is a performance nutritionist working in elite sport and presents the translation of nutrition science into practical strategies for team sports.

There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout as well as providing feedback and questions to be addressed in an end of day wrap-up/Q&A session.

A guest speaker in the form of a distinguished elite team sport athlete (identity to be confirmed closer to the date) will host a Q&A session during one of the coffee breaks, in which he/she will discuss how he/she applies these nutrition principles and skills in his/her everyday life.

What else is included?

Your registration fee includes:

– Attendance at the seminar

– Lunch

– Snacks, tea and coffee at mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks

– Performance Nutrition booklet (20 pages) to support lecture content

– Complimentary goodie bag from our event sponsors


Adult (non-students)

€150 for the day

€125 for early bird (prior to May 1st)

€500 for group of four from same team/club

Students (will need to produce valid ID)

€120 for the day

€100 for early bird (prior to May 1st)

€400 for group of four from same team/club

*A booking Fee will apply

How to register

Registration will open this Friday the 15th of April.


About FoodFlicker

Find out more about the presenters, our philosophy and experience at


Where can I direct inquiries to?

Please direct all inquiries whether on content, logistics or registration to

Are there discounts available?

As described above, discounts are available for early bird registration (€25/€20 discount), and for students (€30/€25 discount). Please note that students will be required to send a photo of valid student ID to in advance of attending.

Discounts of ~25% are also available when there are four or more players from the same teams or clubs. Please contact for more information and to arrange payment.

Where is the venue?

The National Sports Campus is located at Abbotstown, Dublin 15, just off the M50 towards Blanchardstown/N3. More here:

How do I get there?

Follow directions for the National Aquatic centre as described here:

Can I get there with public transportation?

From Dublin City Centre, take the 38 or 38A buses from O’Connell Street to Snugborough Road in Blanchardstown.

What do I need to bring?

A booklet summarising the key information will be provided on the day as part of your registration fee. There will be space for note-taking (recommended) in this booklet, so a pen is advised.

The active learning tasks within each module will require you to complete a food diary in advance of attending the seminar, so you should bring that either in paper or electronic form. Other active learning tasks will require some internet and app activity, which can be performed using a smartphone or you might want to bring your laptop (sockets and WiFi should be available). It will also be an advantage to have set-up a MyFitnessPal account for yourself in advance of the seminar.

A lunch and snacks will be provided, but you can bring other snacks/fluids if you wish.

Will you be covering performance supplements?

Although we have food first philosophy, our strategies do incorporate supplements where appropriate i.e. where the benefit is clear and the evidence is strong. The number of supplements that fit in this category are small, but will be covered in detail in the different modules on the day.

What level is the content at? Who is the event for?

A basic level of prior knowledge of nutrition and some experience of making your own food will be presumed, but that is not essential as the content will be delivered in an incremental manner, building knowledge throughout the day. We expect that attendees will be enthusiastic about nutrition and keen for interaction in order to get the most from the day.

From what age is it appropriate to attend?

Because we presume the basic prior knowledge of nutrition and some experience of making/buying food, we suggest attendees are a minimum age of 18 years old. Please contact us to discuss the suitability for players younger than this.

I would like to exhibit at your event. Is that possible?

We will be hosting a small number of carefully chosen brands to exhibit on the day. Please contact to discuss the details and your eligibility.