FoodFlicker & Gourmet Food Parlour: Bringing our philosophy to a table near you

FoodFlicker & Gourmet Food Parlour: Bringing our philosophy to a table near you


– We are delighted to announce a partnership between FoodFlicker and Gourmet Food Parlour to provide menu options consistent with our food philosophy
– FoodFlicker-approved meals are now available at Gourmet Food Parlour restaurants in Swords, Malahide and Dun Laoghaire
– These include two breakfasts and three lunches that encompass fresh, minimally-processed, high quality and locally-sourced ingredients
– Each month an additional FoodFlicker-designed lunch special will be available at select locations

Eating well in cafes and restaurants while being consistent with a philosophy of fresh, minimally-processed, high quality and locally-sourced ingredients is always challenging, especially if you don’t want to sacrifice taste.

Well, we are doing our best to ease that problem! We are delighted to announce that FoodFlicker has recently begun a partnership with Gourmet Food Parlour, the successful Dublin-based restaurant & catering group. In fact, we have had a close working relationship with Lorraine Heskin and her team for several years as GFP’s sports catering service has been providing meals to support our performance nutrition work with the Dublin GAA’s Senior hurlers and Gaelic footballers, and Leinster Rugby.

This service has included everything from recovery meals after training, to fuelling before performance, to breakfasts and travelling snacks. It is this range of services that has made the partnership so successful, but equally, it is GFP’s commitment to meeting our exacting demands on ingredient sourcing, recipe creation, preparation methods, and overall food philosophy that gives us great confidence in being able to share this with our followers.

Over the next weeks and months, our blog will provide more insight into these elements and how we are bringing them to the table as a partnership, as well as the partnership featuring weekly recipes across all GFP locations and videos via the GFP website.

As of now, you can enjoy any one of five FoodFlicker-approved meals at GFP restaurants in Swords, Malahide and Dun Laoghaire, and are indicated by the FoodFlicker logo beside each meal (see pics for full menus). These include two protein-rich breakfasts as the “Protein Start” and “Kickstart Breakfast” options, and three lunch options as the “Superfood” and “Leafless Salad”, and the always-popular “Burger in a Bowl”. More on the thinking behind these meals, their nutrition profiles and how they fit into good nutrition practices in future blogs.

This month’s lunch special is one of our Super Salads, namely Chicken Apple Salad With Goats Cheese and Toasted Nuts. This satisfying salad includes grilled chicken breast, fresh apple, roasted mixed nuts, goat’s cheese, pickled cucumber ribbons, spinach, kale and rocket greens and an apple-mint olive oil dressing. Definitely one to try the next time you are in.

Keep an eye out for other specials and developments, and please let us know if you like the meals, how they might be improved, or new specials that you’d like to see. Feedback and conversation is always welcome.Swords Breakfast

Swords Lunch

  • Ciciline

    Any Macros and cals calculated for these options? That would be so helpful for those looking to eat out while on strict guidelines.