CN Bring Quality, Focus & Taste To Their New Menu

CN Bring Quality, Focus & Taste To Their New Menu


Meeting your need for nutritious foods

People have never been more aware of the importance of good nutrition for their health and performance in sport or their job. It’s no longer just simply eat to satisfy the feeling of being hungry, people consider ingredients, how food is prepared, ingredient origin, how a meal fits their personal goals and of course taste and appearance.  Added to that is the challenge of finding healthy, tasty food when you have little time, particularly at lunch or breakfast when time is precious. These are all things that the CN are really conscious of and have gone to huge efforts to provide suitable options to help their loyal customers meet their nutrition needs.

Hitting new levels of service

When I sat down with the Dave and Louise who recently took over CN, it quickly became apparent that not only did they want to meet their customer’s needs, they wanted to be very specific about how they achieved it and they wanted to provide an exceptional level of service. They have a wonderful kitchen, superb coffee, a great chef (John) and staff that are focused on customer satisfaction, and even still they wanted to take their offering to a new level. The aim when developing the new CN meals was to create tasty food that provides slow releasing energy, a feeling of fullness and a real emphasis on nutrition value without complicating things in any way. Together with CN we have achieved that by creating some highly nutritious, tasty and balanced meals for their new menu.

We worked on adding some more options to the already excellent breakfast menu and created some fantastic salads and a filling and tasty Mexican burrito bowl for the lunch menu. These are suitable for all needs including vegetarian and vegan.

A delicious burrito bowl with beetroot hummus and chicken

The new additions include:

  1. Nutty Asian salad with peanut butter dressing
  2. Recovery King – great after your workout
  3. Calorie Crunch, if you are looking to reduce calories
  4. Mexican burrito bowl – tasty and filling

The emphasis for every meal is on using high quality fresh ingredients from the local market while bringing delicious flavours using natural herbs and spices. The salads are focused on meeting key nutritional targets depending on your goal – there is a satisfying low calorie salad if you are aiming to cut back on calorie intake, a recovery salad for those who have exercised in the morning or early afternoon, a fibre filling burrito bowl bursting with flavour and nutty Asian broccoli salads that are big on taste and enjoyment while still being highly nutritious. So if you are looking for a tasty nutritious breakfast, fibre filling snack or a recovery lunch CN have you covered.