Everybody eats food and most people want to eat tasty food first – if it’s healthy, that is a bonus. FoodFlicker addresses these ideals and aims to inspire people to establish a healthy pattern of eating that is personal to them. Eating this way should be conceptualised as a lifestyle rather than a diet. Personalisation is key as one size does not fit all either in terms of how we metabolise food or in terms of taste or preferences.The information provided by FoodFlicker is from experts: highly-qualified in the fields of nutrition and exercise science – nutritionists with years of experience dealing with the general public and elite athletes from a range of professional and amateur sports.


...draws on many influences and blends the latest scientific research with our own successful nutrition practices from our team of experts and active practitioners from the past 10 years of dealing with clients ranging from elite professional athletes to weight loss clients from weekend warriors to patients with metabolic disease.We base our recipes primarily on fresh ingredients, keeping processed foods to a minimum, and minimising many of the factors associated with ill-health in the modern diet such as added sugars, processed vegetable and seed oils, artificial sweeteners and the rest.While the arguments continue to rage from low carbohydrate to low fat, from Paleo to vegan, there are two constants when it comes to healthy lifestyles: the presence of daily physical activity (all roads to good health include regular exercise in some form), and dietary patterns that are rich in wholesome foods that are fresh and minimally-processed.We don’t believe in counting calories or going hungry. With time at a premium in modern active lifestyle, we believe that meals should be quick and easy to prepare and taste great, whatever your goal. Our recipes are practiced by leading athletes and performance nutritionists, and merge this philosophy with the science of nutrition and performance.


  • Daniel Davey
    Daniel Davey

    Daniel Davey is co-founder of FoodFlicker and a performance nutritionist currently working in professional rugby and elite Gaelic games. Daniel received his BSc in Science from University College Dublin and holds an MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health from the University of Bristol. Daniel is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and has completed the national qualification in Exercise and Health Studies.

    In recent years, Daniel has worked with a wide range of athletes and clients to achieve various performance- and health-related goals. Throughout this experience, he has focused on the common theme of educating people using practical and simple nutrition information, such as healthy recipes and simple meal ideas, especially through the innovative use of new media. Clearly, the easier and more accessible that it is for people to understand which daily food choices to make based around tasty and healthy food, the simpler they will find it to achieve their goals.

  • Arthur Dunne
    (BSc MSc SENr)
    Arthur Dunne
    (BSc MSc SENr)

    Arthur Dunne is a sports scientist and performance nutritionist who completed his BSc in Nutrition and Sport Science and MSc with Distinction in Applied Sports Nutrition, both at St Mary’s University, London. To date, Arthur has worked in the UK and Ireland with junior and senior athletes in both individual and team-based sports. He has also received an award in Sport Nutrition from the UK Dairy Council for research in the use of milk to support exercise and recovery. With a keen interest in playing sport, he has represented Munster schools rugby team at inter-provincial level as well as been awarded an All-Star for British universities Gaelic football.